We Have Taken Our INCREDIBLE Programme, That We Deliver At Our Outdoor Location And Transformed It Into The PERFECT Lockdown Transformation Programme For Busy People..

During Your 28 Days...

  • We'll help out with nutrition, giving you meal plans & recipe ideas that the whole family will LOVE ❤️ (you don't have to give up wine)
  • We'll help with calorie burning, body shaping LIVE workouts, done with a LIVE PT. Plus you can catch up whenever you want 🔥 (suitable for any fitness level)
  • We’ll assign you with your own Personal Coach to ensure rapid results, drop them a message and ask as many questions as you need (MOTIVATION delivered directly to your phone)
  • We'll help with accountability too, and get you set up on your own personal "28 Day Strong Mind, Strong Body Programme" to help you achieve what you set out to do!
I'm Ready To Get Started

Starting from as little as £1.75 a day for as much SUPPORT, MOTIVATION & Guidance As You Need 🙌

Real People.

Real Results...

Here Is Exactly What You'll Get On The 28 day Online Challenge...


2 LIVE PT Led Sessions Per Day

As seen on BBC East, all our workouts are done from the comfort of your own home, with zero equipment needed BUT we have options for those of you with kit. Sessions are held LIVE at 7:30am and 6:30pm...But don't worry if you miss them, everyone is delivered into the member's group to catch up!

All sessions are delivered by our Renowned Head Coach Joe Mitton from tried and tested programme targeting all the key areas such as belly, back fat, arms, bums.

Plus suitable for all levels of fitness and experience!

28 Days of Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & Recipe Books

You are never going to struggle for breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas ever again. Not only will you get access to our entire nutrition collection! From healthy desserts to morning smoothies...we've even made it super simple for the whole family to get involved in (EVEN THE FUSSY EATERS).

It's time to make meal times simpler, tastier and more importantly, healthier.

Weekly Live Quiz Nights

This is about more than just workouts and meal plans. This is about community and providing a relief from the pressures of lockdown life by offering quiz nights, expert speaker discussions and yoga sessions.

Plus at any point, the whole team is here if you need more of a 1-2-1 chat!

Daily Support & Accountability...

This isn't just an online programme. It's a community. Get advice from others in the group, take part in challenges, and share your experiences. Plus, we are free 24-7 to keep you motivated and make sure you're hitting your goals! Not worked out for 5 days? We will notice and check everything is ok. We are not a corporate gym, you are not just a number to us, we get to know you, your routine and keep you accountable 

28 Day Stong Mind, Strong Body Course

We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do. So what we do is simple, we share with you a few very simple habits that can help you and lead to that life long transformation without having to go on any crazy diets or spend hours exercising. Plus, full support, accountability and access to our mindset manual eBook. The result? A non-judgemental, happy online environment.

Plus, who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement from time to time? Take part in challenges and win mini prizes!

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if it's not right for you!

If you decided that this 28 Day Lockdown Programme is not for you.

Then simply let us know and we will activate your Money Back Guarantee.

Select The Right 28 Day Online Challenge For You...

Action Taker...

usually £99 now currently £49

  • 2 Live Workouts Per Day
  • 1 Live Yoga Workout Per Week
  • 28 Days of Meal Plans, Recipe Book & Shopping Lists
  • Access To The MittFit Members Area
  • Access To 24/7 Support Group
  • BONUS: Saturday Quiz Night
  • BONUS: Monthly Challenge With Prizes To Be Won
  • BONUS: Guest Expert Speakers
  • BONUS: 2 Week Trial When We Re-Open

That's JUST £1.75 a day for as much SUPPORT, MOTIVATION & Guidance As You Need 🙌

100% Money Back Guarantee

The 28 Day Online Challenge, contains all of our most advanced training techniques delivered in one easy format. If you don't find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know it's for me?

Are you looking to keep your body and mind busy with live workouts and online socialisation? Then its for you! Join the MittFit Family and you won't regret it.  

Will I need any equipment?

Nope, all sessions can be done from the comfort of your living room or spare bedroom. Even the kids can take part. If you do have equipment, we have options to integrate it.

Is it a one time payment?

Yes the 28 Day Challenge is a one time single payment. No ongoing costs..

Does it matter if I'm new to exercise?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start safely and comfortably.

How often do I need to workout?

We would recommend 2-3 times a week. We have some who do every day and others who just try and aim for 1.

Is it for people really out of shape or with just a bit of fat to lose?

The challenge will work for all abilities and starting points due to its layout structure. Everything from workouts to nutrition can be worked to your needs. This all allows you to personalise the process for you!.

When can I get started?

Right away! In fact, we'd recommend joining as soon as possible.  The community is waiting for you :)!

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you get involved with the workouts live and join in on the Facebook group but there's no pressure!  

Does my location matter?

Absolutely not. This programme is online and therefore you can be ANYWHERE. We have clients in over 5 continents working out with us. That said, if you're in Cambridge or the surrounding areas you can come and join our outdoor training location when we re-open!  

Where are you normally based?

We are based in Cambridge!

MittFit, Eddington Avenue, CB3.

Here Are A Few Clients Of Our Clients In Action...

Starting from as little as £1.75 a day for as much SUPPORT, MOTIVATION & Guidance As You Need 🙌